We are Fohr: an influencer marketing platform

We hate buzzwords and bullshit, so here is what we do and don't do:

We've built a self-serve platform that allows you to run the best influencer marketing campaigns imaginable. It lets you find influencers (over 100,000 of them), get verified analytics, and find out if they have fake followers. It gives you their emails, phone numbers (does anyone call people anymore?), and addresses. It can tell you detailed demographic information about their followers, like where they are from, and how much money they make. It lets you pull reports, do competitor research, and find stats on a hashtag, brand name, or interest. It lets you make lists of influencers and export those to a .csv or beautiful PDF. It can even calculate the EMV (earned media value) of the coverage your brand receives from influencers.

Sound good so far?

Well, you can also brief influencers on a campaign, make offers, send emails to groups of influencers, and when it’s all said and done, pull a full report. It’s supported by account managers who have been working with influencers since they were called bloggers. We would be happy to give you a walkthrough where you can learn more.

We also run managed campaigns. End to end, from start to finish, initial idea to final report. We use technology every step of the way to make these campaigns more efficient and effective: pricing algorithms to make sure you're paying what you should be; tools that make sure you don't pay for fake followers; optimization for repeat impressions or total unique reach. We work on Instagram, YouTube, blogs, Pinterest, hell even Tumblr if you're feeling nostalgic. We can help with creative. We give you in-depth reporting, tracking click-through, impressions, engagements, and sales. We run campaigns from $25,000 to over a million dollars, from one influencer to 4,000.

Here’s what we don’t do: we don't help market your migraine pills or detox tea. We don’t represent influencers, and so we don't try and keep you from having a direct relationship with the influencers you work with. We don't make money by upcharging on what an influencer gets paid. We have never under-delivered on a campaign. We don't like assholes, so we don't employ any of them.

We support influencers. We are nothing without our influencer community, and we act accordingly. Every influencer gets their own Fohr profile page, expanded information about who makes up their following, and verification tools to make sure their followings are authentic. We also try and spread the knowledge we have, with a weekly show called Drink with James, quarterly influencer events like Fohr U's and Five and Wine's. What else you ask? How about access to the hundreds of brands—and millions of dollars, that we pay out to influencers every year.

If you're a brand or an influencer we want you to join us at Fohr, and we’re not afraid to say so.

Our Team

James Nord
James doesn’t remember much about his life before Fohr, but knows he started 10 years ago on Wall Street, somehow ended up as Oscar de la Renta’s house photographer and 8 years ago started Fohr with Rich to help more people live out their wildest dreams. He wants you to know how much he loves his job.
Grace Murray
Grace joined Fohr in its infancy and has been instrumental in our growth over the years. She launched our managed campaigns business and has built, sold and executed more influencer campaigns than nearly any person on earth. Someone once called her “human champange” and she’s pretty proud of that.
Emma Gonzalez
After eight years working at a full service advertising agency in Australia, Emma made the move across the ocean to New York to join Fohr (read her and Grace’s story, it’s great). For years, Emma ran the platform side of the business, helping hundreds of clients better execute their influencer strategies. Today she has the same mission but also a team of people to help her and our clients achieve it.
Micah Plevyak
Micah and James were roommates in college and James used this personal relationship as ammunition in his bid to get Micah to leave a lucrative career in Fortune 100 corporate finance to join Fohr. We asked Micah to explain his job and he said he “leads our finance activities and many of our process improvement initiatives” which is his way of saying he keeps the boat afloat. He holds an MBA and Masters in Finance from Boston College, and the only thing he loves more than Fohr is Excel.
Stephanie Rubin
Stephanie joined the Fohr team after her time working with luxury health & wellness brands at Robb Report Magazine. A Boston University graduate, Stephanie earned a degree in psychology. In her spare time you can find her spinning, eating avocados, on a beach somewhere, or running around her beloved hometown with friends and family. She is a Manhattan native (and proud of it).
Nell Goddard
Nell joined the Fohr team after living out her Mad Men dreams working at an ad agency on the Mercedes-Benz account for 2 years. She graduated from Hamilton College where she studied International Relations and Spanish but has since fallen in love with the advertising world. These days, you can find Nell bopping around Clinton Hill finding good eats, spicy margs and live music.
Brittany Reid
Prior to joining Fohr, Brit gained experience working in YouTube Influencer Marketing and Media Buying. She graduated from Florida State University (Go Noles!) where she studied Business Marketing and, despite her Florida roots, she's managed to survive a handful of New York winters...so far.
Brandon Wagoner
Originally from southern California, Brandon moved to New York to fulfill his destiny of becoming Chandler Bing. He comes from a creative agency background working in production and account management for national retail brands such as PetSmart and Kohl’s. On the weekend, you can probably find him at brunch… or at brunch.
Suzannah Tarkington
Suzannah is an Atlanta transplant who moved to New York 6 years ago to attend Parsons School for Design. Her career launched in the world of luxury PR working with brands such as Marimekko, John Hardy and Veuve Cliquot before she joined the account management team at a creative agency focused on hospitality, fashion and beauty. When not in the office, you can find her biking in Central Park or cooking for her friends.
India Allouche
India was born and raised in France until her and her family packed up and moved to Brooklyn, NY when she was about eight years old. Prior to joining Fohr, India worked in the music industry with a focus in social media marketing and analytics. When she’s not in the office you can catch her performing at open mic nights, making her own Nutella, or traveling the world.
Mehreen Ahmed
Mehreen is a Michigander by birth, but a New Yorker at heart. She comes from vast experience in the influencer marketing space, and brings a variety of client experience with brands such as Disney, Amazon, and Kate Spade. Her connection and aptitude in the space has allowed her to grow from a one time internship working with a top footwear brand to working alongside CMOs of some of the top brands in the world. Outside of the office you can find her planning her next vacation, trying out the latest trendy dessert, or watching Gilmore Girls (or all three at the same time).
Dorien Russell
Dorien is a Baltimore born and bred social media and influencer marketing specialist with just under four years of experience in the field. After receiving his B.A. from Fordham University in Communications and Culture, he began his career managing social media platforms and influencer marketing initiatives for Barneys New York. He then got his feet wet in the agency world executing influencer campaigns for brands such as Four Seasons, diptyque, Bonobos, and Klarna. When he's not "researching content creators" (aimlessly perusing TikTok and Instagram), he's bopping around Greenpoint, Brooklyn and running his small everyday-wear brand, PNB Apparel.
Darion Hammond
Darion Hammond is a public relations specialist with experience in media relations and digital marketing and comes from a creative agency background. He has worked with several brands in the consumer, food and beverage, wine and spirits, and the fem-care industry. Five years ago, Darion moved to New York City after graduating from university in Denver, CO. During his free time, Darion enjoys socializing, trying new restaurants, attending concerts, and traveling.
Alexis DeCarvalho
Alexis is a Jersey Girl through and through (she said to take that how you’d like). She’s spent the last 5 years in the digital marketing space, and after finding her love of everything influencer, she never looked back. Specializing in the execution of at-scale and ambassador programs, she’s worked across a variety of verticals and brands including Google, Sephora, Fujifilm, and Tanqueray. When she’s not at the office, you can find her pairing her favorite children’s menu items with a margarita.
Felis Azizbayeva
Felis (like Navidad!) is a Jersey City native with a degree in English Literature and Digital Communications from Rutgers University. Before joining Fohr, she freelanced in social media and influencer marketing for brands within the fashion, wellness, and food and beverage industries. Outside of work, if she’s not shopping, Felis loves to read, discover new music, travel, knit, and is admittedly equipped with too many tik tok and vine references.
Dillon Kelly
Dillon is a New York native who studied Literature and Art History at Hamilton College in upstate New York! Before joining Fohr, he worked in food media and event production, specializing in influencer marketing, brand partnerships and experiential activations. He's obsessed with yoga, film, and all things pop culture.
Leonardo Bighi
Bighi grew up in Rio de Janeiro and knew he would be a software engineer since he got his first computer as a kid. It was love at first sight. With more than 10 years of experience, he came to Fohr after managing a team in a successful startup in Brazil. When not working, he can be seen riding a motorcycle and writing books, but not both at the same time. Safety first.
Kelsea Woods
Elomar Santos
Elomar is a passionate software developer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He first saw the magic that software can do at the tender age of 5 when he played a videogame for the first time. He was hooked ever since, and he still believes that software can make the world a better place. Sometimes that means taking some folks to a giant rock floating in the space, and sometimes it's nothing more than putting a smile on someone's face.
Samantha Chau
Samantha is a Parsons graduate with a degree in Strategic Design & Management. Before joining Fohr, she worked in the fashion industry at magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Allure, and Departures. When she’s not working, she loves exploring new restaurants in the city, museum hopping and planning adventures to new cities.
Bianca Scofield
Bianca hails from a sleepy one stoplight town in New England. Born into a family of artists, she spent her formative years exposed to a variety of artistic avenues but set her sights on design. She joins Fohr with 5 years of experience working in the luxury fashion world. Loves embroidering, dancing, skiing (both downhill and water) and hot pepper jam. Hates decaf coffee.
Georgia Weeks
Georgia joins us as a born and bred Portlandia native. She studied at the University of Oregon with a degree in Advertising, where she developed a love for design and hot dogs. Prior to joining Fohr, Georgia has had experience working on various brand ambassador teams, and is excited to take her passion for influencer marketing to the Campaign Management team. In her free time, she is most likely updating her Spotify playlists, trying a new NYTimes Cooking recipe, or keeping up with pop culture (scrolling through TikTok and Instagram).
Abigail Squirrell
Abby is a Marquette University graduate with a degree in business administration and finance. She brings experience from previously working outbound sales for a HR software company, and is ready to help expand Fohr’s client base! As a former collegiate athlete, when she is not enjoying a good workout, she loves to hang with friends, or binge watch every reality tv show known to man.
Katie Hochfelder
Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Katie graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in advertising & design, and her heart set on the Big Apple. Prior to joining the Fohr family, she worked in account management and strategy for 3 years where she helped launch influencer marketing systems for major beauty brands. Katie has a passion for all things music, finding the newest spot to grab a cocktail, film photography, Parmesan cheese, and lazy Sundays.
Hailey Payne
Giovanny Bahamundi
Sophie Wood
Sophie joins Fohr with experience executing over 100+ influencer marketing campaigns, including brands such as Equinox, Google, Bumble, and Brooklinen. A Los Angeles native, Sophie ditched her west coast roots for New York City after graduating from the University of Oregon with an honors degree in Advertising. Outside of work, Sophie avidly keeps up with politics, is a devout skincare junkie, and watches Tiktoks until she falls asleep.
Ellie Saballos
Sheila O'Donnell
Sheila joined Fohr after several years of living in London, China, and Spain, and working in the travel industry. She studied International Relations but became interested in tech after a frustrating website experience led to a Google search entitled 'what makes a website bad?'. She was hooked ever since. She is passionate about systems that are data informed and human centric. Once her laptop is closed, you can find her hiking and exploring vineyards.
Leonardo Brito
Leonardo is a Rio de Janeiro native and proud father of two girls. He arrived at Fohr as a software developer with 15 years of experience in writing clean code and solving performance bottlenecks. While not in the kitchen prepping exquisite meals for the family, he can be found on a hammock serving as cat pillow and reading.
Annika Lange
Born and raised in Germany, Anni left *real* pretzels behind, moved to New York for grad school and has since refused to leave. She comes from a talent management background executing campaigns for a broad roster of ambassadors. Her biggest passions are romanticizing NYC, live sports and working Taylor Swift into every conversation.
Scarlett Eller
Agatha Prestan
Agatha joined Fohr after working in HR for 11 years, mainly for luxury fashion companies. She was born in Louisiana and raised in NJ. In her free time you can find her bike riding, hiking, trying different restaurants, and lettin' loose in dance classes.
Travis Ekmark
Travis comes to Fohr from Family Brothers, the design agency he co-founded in 2012 (of note: one of Family Brothers’ first projects was Fohr’s original branding). In previous lives, Travis has worked as a shoe salesman, a sandwich guy, a barista, a writer, an illustrator, graphic designer, consultant, and small business owner. He is ranked #1 for most rejected articles on restaurant branding at Monocle magazine.
Stephanie Cinque
Stephanie joins the Fohr team with years of experience in influencer marketing and social media strategy for lifestyle and DTC brands. With a passion for makeup, Stephanie embraces life through the lens of beauty, creating confidence for others as a professional makeup artist years of experience in bridal and photoshoots. She spent the past five years exploring the beautiful Southwest and has since settled back in New York. As a native New Yorker, she is a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur that spends her free time with her pup Dakota, catching a morning Orangetheory Fitness class, having a beach day, or trying a new delicious restaurant.
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